Kambari Language Project

Kambari Language Project (KLP) was established in March 1992 after due consultation with Kambari Community.

Kambari Language project is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) and non profitable organization, registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission, Abuja under the companies and Allied matters Decree No. 1. 1990 with registration No. 13001.

The Offfice is situated in Salka and its headquaters in Salka, Ibeto road, Magama Local Government of Niger state, Nigeria..

The Kambari People are found in North west of Nigeria, around Kainji lake

The Kambari are found in these states of Nigeria:

Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi, Kwara, Niger and Kogi States of Nigeria. The Kambari are found in this area because they are predominately farmer they travel all these areas looking for a fertile land.


To Encourage and Facilitate language development and Translation to the holistic Transformation of the Community


Life transformation through use of published materials


Honesty and Transparency Teamwork

Selfless service


The Kambari Language Project is partnering with The Seed Company and Spoken Word World Wide/T4 global resided in USA They assist in financing the organization.

The Kambari Language Project is working on three Kambari Language Clusters and Adunu Cluster Languages namely:

  1. Tsishingini Salka Area Kambari

  2. Cishingini Agwara Area Kambari

  3. Tsikimba Auna\Warra Kambari.

Adunu Cluster Languages

  1. Eda\ Kadara Language situated in Niger State Paiko LGA And Kachia LGA of Kaduna State

  2. Ajiya Language situated in Niger State Paiko LGA

  3. Ekhuwa Langauge also situated in Niger State Paiko LGA

  4. Ujijili\Kafikoro Niger State Paiko LGA

Community contribution in kind an in cash by donating foods stuff and special offering for klp is called KLP day.

Aims and Objective of establishing Kambari Language project:

  • To bring enlightenment by writing the Language

  • To preserve and promote the use of the various Kambari Language clusters in both spoken and written.

  • To research the rich Kambari culture and history.

  • To provide functional literacy classes for children and adult.

Kambari Language project achievements

  • The Kambari Language Project was able to established and designed a Kambari Orthography for use of teaching a Local Language.

  • We registered as an NGO with Cooperate affairs commission (CAC) Abuja RC No 13001

  • Obtained State and Federal Government Approval.

  • Established over 300 vocational literacy classes in each areas.

  • Develop Primer 1,2,3. with teachers guide in three Kambari Languages to teach the Language

  • Printed and published trilingual dictionaries (Kambari, Hausa and English) in each Language of about 5000 words.

  • The Kambari Language Project has organized Cultural Days in three areas of the Kambari Agwara. Auna and Salka to promote the cultural values and unity.

  • Printed New Testament in 3 Kambari Languages

  • Bible study in the Language

Also in our Programs we have

  1. Adult and Literacy programmes

  2. Health Programmes

  3. Family planning programmes

  4. HIV\Aids awareness programmes

  5. Capacity building activities.

Future plans and Challenges

  • To Constitute Research committee ,to research about Kambari people
  • To Register Kambari orthography with Federal Government to facilitate the effective use in primary schools.

  • To Continue with the health programmed HIV|AiDS etcs

  • Trainig of teachers in the language.

  • Staff training and development into advance linguistic knowledge.

  • Financial constrain:

  • Funds to renovate KLP office .

  • Funds to reprint literacy books

  • Funds to re-activate our vocational literacy classes

  • To help neighboring Language to write their language.